3 Pitches for Recurring Posts


You People are Terrible

-Each week, readers send in pictures of all the disgusting ways their roommates, family members, cellmates, etc. violate their shared space. The winner gets a t-shirt or a can koozie or whatever you guys give out there.


Weekly Parent Drive

Divide readers into regions (East Coast, West Coast, Crocs) and see which region’s fans can be more successful at getting their parents to sign up for Tosh’s Facebook, Twitter, etc. Why? Because PARENTS is why.


Who Would You Rather?

Thi premise is old, so let’s switch it up a little. Make the questions about current news. Or serious injury. Instead of Jessica Alba vs. Jessica Biel, let’s mix up gender, ages, sexualities, people vs. inanimate objects.The whole Eyes Wide Shut 9 Yards.

The question becomes: Would you rather spend a night with a mouthy, nebbishy billionaire or a cloying-but possibly less overbearing-soda? Readers vote. Best comment rationale wins a prize. Readers can also vote on what will be the next “Who Would You Rather?”


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